Hey friends. Now that it's been a few weeks since Evolution came out, I figured we could start writing about how it came together. And what better way to start than with the song that got me going. While Wind is not the first song I've written, nor was it the first song for the album that Sean and I...



Ahh, yes. The buds are just a few weeks away from our debut album release! Who would of thought we'd be here now after Jake and I committed ourselves a year ago to start writing and eventually record the most challenging music either of us have done to date. I'm really proud of this record and the songs we...

I'll be honest. I've never written a blog before. The hope is that Sean and I will be able to keep this up semi-regularly. We'll probably take turns writing about whatever random bullshit comes to mind, whether it be a cool album that influenced us, how we came up with a song idea, or just something about a good sports...

Your buds, making music
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