Jake Cullin

Hi, I'm Jake. I come from a very musical family. My dad was the choir director at church for 20-something years and my sisters and I all took various music lessons in our youths. I learned my first concepts of making music from my sister, Carrie, when I was about 5 (I think). She would teach me bits of beginner lessons on piano that she had learned, and this just got me excited to go take lessons myself.

I finally started for myself when I was 10, and I believe I did quite well for a little bit. I even enjoyed my first recital... My second recital however I wasn't so interested in. Something about being forced to play one really turned me off from the whole thing.

My interest in guitar was always very high. From the first time I listened to the beatles I knew that would be my instrument. It was finally when I played Guitar Hero 3 that I really steeled myself to learn, and after gleaning what I could from an instructional DVD I got signed up for lessons. I since realized (many times and in many situations) that I'm really a terrible student. I don't like learning what I'm told to learn most of the time and instead pursue my own interests (which is how I ended up writing songs in 27/8).

Since those days, I've been in a few bands, and I've played with a lot of instruments, but I'm truly very excited for what Conebuds will be. I can't wait to find out, and I hope you all enjoy it.

My Top 10 Albums (Currently and in no particular order)

  • Songs For The Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age
  • Revolver - The Beatles
  • The Bottom Half - Umphrey's McGee
  • Hoist - Phish
  • The Stranger - Billy Joel
  • Wasting Light - Foo Fighters
  • Rage Against The Machine
  • Culture Clash - The Aristocrats
  • Megagem - Dopapod
  • Led Zeppelin II