Ahh, yes. The buds are just a few weeks away from our debut album release! Who would of thought we'd be here now after Jake and I committed ourselves a year ago to start writing and eventually record the most challenging music either of us have done to date. I'm really proud of this record and the songs we produced throughout our writing sessions. Seriously, this album just feels more "right" than any other project I've been apart of. "The pinnacle of success is not judged by an overwhelmingly positive response, but an internal satisfaction so great, you can't help but smile and say we did that".  Releasing these songs and having you all getting a chance to hear our new music is exactly why we do this, and we couldn't be more hyped to see this process through.

This record comes on the heels of some trying times and dysfunctional relationships, ones we are eternally grateful to have put behind us. Our new mentality together is much healthier and as a result really showcases itself in an extremely uplifting way within our music. I am excited for what lies ahead, because the potential is so great and cannot be denied. 

I hope you all get a chance to listen to our new record "Evolution" and come to appreciate it for what it represents. I guess that meaning will be subjective to each individual and listener, but that's the point! There is a little something for everyone on our debut release. 

On a less serious note, I am looking forward to using this blog more often to communicate with you in a more direct, unique fashion. Anything and everything will be subject to discussion. Until next time!!

- Sean aka the Big Bud

Your buds, making music
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