About The Band

Conebuds are a heavy progressive rock band from Richmond, VA. Formed at the height of the covid-19 pandemic, founding buds Jake Cullin (guitar, vox) and Sean O'Neill (drums) released their debut record "Evolution" in 2021 to rave reviews and acclaim, redefining their musical potential in the process. A dynamic offering containing ambitious compositions and rhythms, Evolution is a unique musical statement offering a tightly condensed package of genre-bending material, drawing inspiration from the likes of Tool, Led Zeppelin, Rush, and Umphrey's McGee.

After recruiting the prolific Jon Cauble (bass), the trio rehearsed extensively to mold their sound together, and began booking shows shortly after. Their live shows can be described as powerful and unpredictable, showcasing elements of metal to funk to jam, creating a hazy, euphoric experience unique to every listener. After cultivating a local following, the buds are determined to carve out their own lane and set new standards at even greater heights within the industry.


Band Members

Jake Cullin

He's an alright kid. Plays a lot of instruments, and plays them a lot. Sometimes he forgets how to count to 4 and instead counts to 27

Sean O'Neill

This guy. He has a graveyard of drum sticks from the past year, just in case you thought he was a gentle drummer.

Jon Cauble

Our very good dude. Does bass good. Kicks ass. Hell yeah.

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