About The Band

Conebuds! Hailing from the great state of Virginia, the buds are a rock band, living life and having a good time doing it.

Formed in the beginning of 2020, founding members Jake Cullin (guitar, bass, lead vocals) and Sean O'Neill (drums, vocals) have quietly built themselves a serious reputation amongst their local fanbase, by engaging their listeners with body twisting, mind numbing heavy rock music. The psychedelia is real with these ones. But wait! They also tend to express a softer, more acoustic side to them too. A dynamic bunch indeed.

The buds sound like an eccentric mix of something that's never quite been heard before, breathing new life into their listeners each time their music is played. If you're not good at math you may not understand ;). They get most of their influences from artists like Tool, Led Zeppelin, Phish and Umphrey's McGee, taking the progressive nuances of each, a dash of stadium rock, hot sauce, and some shake to make a quake of a musical act. Don't mess with these guys, their musical premise is to make your jaw drop and heart flutter by the variety of sounds they produce, and time signatures they work within. If one thing's for sure, you're never going to know what you get next with them.

Their talents extend from the evolution of the previous band they played in together, progression for the better that resulted in them truly finding their sound and style. In essence, dropping the dead weight and becoming more streamlined gave way for exponential growth to occur, which translated really well into their initial rehearsals.

Isolated due to the covid-19 pandemic and the great toilet paper shortage, with only cheesy potato burritos and alcoholic beverages of varying potency to fuel them, the buds crafted a fine piece of musical art, the makings of which would provide the material for their first official record. The buds sought out professional expertise to give their new ideas the production and professional audio quality they deserved. Having decided to work with local legend Jeff Covert at Wally Cleavers Recording Studio, the buds set out to record their new songs in late 2020.

After a few weeks, tracking and post-production for their record was finished. What came to fruition next was totally unexpected. A searing 10-track onslaught showcasing bombastic musical proficiency and grit, their debut record titled "Evolution" released April 6th, 2021 to rave reviews amongst their followers. There is a little bit of everything for everyone on this record, as it contains many elements of all the music the buds and many of their fans have come to appreciate.

With so many opportunities and plans for the future, no one truly knows what the buds are going to do next. Many aspirations exist, mainly revolved around filling out the band and establishing a collaborative environment for many artists to jam and create in. Taking this immense amount of potential out on tour could be next on the agenda....or maybe another record?? Who knows! I guess you will have to stay tuned and follow these budding (pun intended) musicians as they trek through what ought to be a storied career. Make sure you catch this ride asap because you won't want to miss it.

Who is this very cool band?!?

It's the question everyone wants answered

Jake Cullin

The C in Conebuds

He's an alright kid. Plays a lot of instruments, and plays them a lot. Sometimes he forgets how to count to 4 and instead counts to 27

Sean O'Neill

The ON in Conebuds

This guy, wow. He has a graveyard of drum sticks from the past year, just in case you thought he was a gentle drummer.

Jon Cauble

Our very good dude

Does bass good. Kicks ass. Hell yeah.

Your buds, making music
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